6 Stunning Instagram Photos Of Cork and The Sky

Hello all, and welcome to hopefully a new section on the website where I curate, on a regular basis, 6 of my favourite instagram photos of Cork.

This is a stunning photo of Patrick Street by Chalamoda, and through all that grey of yesterday’s weather the colour is still so vibrant.

I shared a photo last week of Czortz‘s. Such a beautiful shot of the Northside & North Gate Bridge. Last night he captured a wonderful and still photo of the Lee by Electric.

I can’t get over this photo of our Wonderful Northside just as the sun has set and night is fully creeping from the ground up. Check out Nivinoo‘s Instagram for this stunning photo.

Beautiful Cork City 😍 #corkcity #shandon #ireland #cork #nighttime #sunset #irishsummer

A photo posted by N I V O 🎼 (@nivinooo) on

You’re thinking, why is there a picture of a lovely house instead of a picturesque landscape of my city? I’ll tell you why, look at that reflection on those windows. Kate O’Shea shows the true urban colours of the twilight hours and I’m just stoked at the colour and contrast of this photo. Just lovely.

Reflections. #reflection #night #sky #dusk #pink #shepardsdelight #corkcity #summer

A photo posted by Katie O’Shea (@kazoshaz) on



TourAbsurd captures a colourful moment of the sky just as the clouds broke from a day of drizzle and rain. It’s these moments that just make it worthwhile.

Alluring colours of a summer #sunset over #Cork tonight

A photo posted by Katrina (@tourabsurd) on

Finally I love this shot from Shandon of Cork by Daniellomholt. It’s sharp, very sharp.

Cork view from the top of Shandon Church.

A photo posted by Daniel Lomholt (@daniellomholt) on

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