Cha and Miah talking about the Late Late Show Cork Edition

Two Cork Comedy stalwarts are sitting on a bench, as you would sure, they’re talking about their exclusion from the Late Late Show Cork Edition. I shared an article last week showing James N. Healy giving a fairly accurate and historically correct explanation of the Cork Accent. If you haven’t seen it then click on the link above.

As you can see the two boyos are disgruntled at their exclusion due to the fact that Gay Byrne wants “Clever Dicks, Poets, Actors” on his show. But they immerse themselves in the comedy vehicle of their locality. Two men sitting on a bench shooting the breeze and pontificating the philosophies of the life we have before us. A common Irish theme amongst people of all ages. Miah┬ánails the point in question by stating “Because Gay don’t have time for the really simple people”

It shows how the times have not changed as much since those days. A classic conversation between two local legends giving a strong and opinionated piece with a Cork twang.