The Cork Accent and it is going to be explained by a Cork Man.

James N. Healy, historic comedian and actor explains the Cork accent on the Late Late Show Cork Edition in 1982.

The Cork Accent is a mellifluous type of sound with its ups and downs and bumps and good graces. In this episode of The Late Late Show Live From Cork all the Cork greats were on this show; the likes of Niall Tobin, Billa O Connell, and more. However it’s Healy’s rendition of the difference in linguistics of the Cork Accent throughout the City itself. From Northside to Southside, he gives a rather localised interpretation of our rich and diverse accent.

The show itself was a special hosted and presented from Cork’s studios, a rarity to say the least but one of sheer nostalgic entertainment. I’ve got the video to the full programme below



Healy goes into the History of how the Cork Accent came to be within this County. It is a very particular accent which began with St. Finbarre up to the Hugenotte’s of the Norman (French Quarter) Dynasties.

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The Late Late Show in Cork featuring Niall Tobin, Billa Connell, James N. Healy.

Check our Northside legend Niall Toibin and his explanation of the many accents throughout Ireland.


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