Cork Instagram Photos of the Week

A new weekly series by the Norries of Cork based on Cork Instagram Photos of the Week. I will be publishing more photos by people, norries, sorries, photographers, and artists all over the City of Cork. If you would like to get your photos featured then FOLLOW us on Instagram and tag @norriesofcork in your post.

I love this photo of the artist on Patrick Street. His new piece is just looking amazing. Such a great photo of a talented individual that’s been a part of Cork for quite some time. And he does a hell of a Moonwalk also.

Different things 🎨🏰 #corkcity #ireland 🍀

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When you walk along Pope’s Quay you repeat the steps of so many Generations. This area is near untouched for more than a century. It feels as if you are in a different city before you hit the hustle and bustle of the City Centre. I love the sky in this photo.

Qué bonito es Cork! #cork #corkcity ☘

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The distant view of Cork City as the sun sets. The lights come to life and our city breaths into action. The lines and the horizon work so nicely in this shot.

#countryside #cityscape #cityviews #Corkcity #Ireland #evening #night #twlight #view #sky #nightsky

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The Old Marymount Hospice which is now shared by St. Angela’s school and Griffith College Cork

Chegando na escola #intercambio #irlanda #cork #corkcity

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A shot of Shandon that I had captured last week. It’s turned out a lot nicer with the Instagram filters.

Bonfire Night on the Northside 2016. This photo was taken at the Kilmore Road Bonfire. Kids were more than eager to have their photo taken, assuming I was from the Examiner or the Echo.

Another beautiful night shot of the River Lee and the City Centre of Cork before it. This photo is of Christy Ring Bridge in the distance with St. Mary’s CHurch to the Left and the Cork Opera House to the Right. The stillness of the River Lee is just wonderful

✨ #corkcity #cork #ireland #nightwalk #corkbynight #riverlee #headinghome #tuesdaynight #vsco

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The view of the Northside from Audley place and the caption is just right “Good Morning Cork You Big Ride!”. Class photo.

Good Morning Cork you big ride #stpatrickshill #corkcity #grey

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ST. Vincent’s Bridge on a fine sunny day with Shandon Bells standing in the distance. I think I’m going with a bit of a water theme this week.

Finally, I just love this piece of street art of former Lord Mayor of Cork City, Terrence MacSwiney. The piece was created by local artist Alan Hurley and I recommend you follow his instagram page. Such great photos and he shares shots of his art which is out of this world, in my own honest opinion. This photo was taken by valerie.loves.tea

More wonderful #CorkCity #StreetArt! #HomeSweetHome #TheRebelCounty #PeoplesRepublicOfCork #Corcaigh #CityStreets #CorkLike #Cork #ILoveItHere


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So that’s your lot for this week. Some great photographs and something I hope fans of the Norries of Cork will get involved in. Follow us on Facebook and of course on Instagram. I might set up a hash-tag if things pick up and get some prizes for best photo of the week and the month.