The Norries Of Cork Photos of Cork 2015

In House Cork Photos 2015


Here’s just a brief selection of my photography of locations and landmarks in Cork during 2015. There will be more posts of the Norries of Cork photographs of 2015. I’m just getting the ball rolling.

The photograph series begins with Shandon. It’s our most popular monument and landmark in the Northside of Cork and is adopted as a landmark for the entirety of our City. These photographs try to capture Shandon in its homogenous and local landscapes. Many a photograph are taken from token locations and my aim was to capture Shandon in its homeland rather than from a tourist’s perspective. For the majority of Northsiders, we pass Shandon numerous times each day and we each carry different angles and perceptions of this historic structure. From this we build the identity of the Church and Bells which reside upon the centre of the Northside.

Shandon Bells & Church as seen from Cathedral Road at the Entrance to Wolfe Tone Street
Tourists looking out from the Balcony of Shandon Bells over Cork City.

Shandon as seen from Cork’s Prince’s Street.
Shandon Boys Drinking Cans in Bells Field Cork
Shandon Boys  in Bells Field Cork


Blarney Castle is near close to the Northside as Douglas is to Blackpool. For many a memory in the near past a person would cycle in and out from Blarney to either their lodgings in the City Centre or to work. A very local community which has a rich heritage and history. A single photograph taken in January.

Blarney Castle, Co. Cork Ireland

The sights are there to behold in the Northside and I use this photograph just to point out the merits of living on some of the highest ground in Cork City. We have access to the unblock sky with the distance of the county unfurling before us. I took many a sunset photograph, but this one just stands out to me.



St Mary’s Road as it merges with the beginnings’of Gerald Griffin Street and the end of Cathedral Road. Shandon stands to the right as the North Cathedral is hidden on the left.
Nash’s Boreen in the Summer. This was the halfway point of the walk which begins in Hollyhill and finishes in Farranree (Upper Spangle Hill)


Collins Barracks Church Bell Cork City
The Bell Of Collins Barracks Church, Cork City