Can You Dance Like This When You’re 90?

A small collection of videos showing ladies of a much older age showing what they got. And You will be surprised by some of these moves.

It’s near the end of July and we’re in the middle of an alleged Summer. It’s days like these when you lose your sense of youth and fall into the norm of bad moods with bad weather. Lucky for you, the Norries of Cork is on hand to help you brighten your day. There’s nothing better than to see someone of our much older generations explode with the joie-du-vivre and indulge in the fun facts of life, regardless of age and physical ability. So can you dance like this when you’re 90? I bring you the Greatest collection of light-hearted videos of Grandmothers dancing.

Meet Adam Forgie, he lives with his Grandmother, and is her carer. It’s described that she is legally blind, and extremely hard of hearing. Going by this video, one of the few things that makes this talented lady happy is that she can still throw some moves on the dance floor! In this video she’s dancing to LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”

Roll it away there Roisin!

We of course cannot forget this absolute classic of this 97 year old dancing somewhere in Italy. She has it all; the confidence, the moves, the attitude. Dancing in front of a busker, you can see there’s no stopping her. She’s oozing Pure Norry I tell you!

Another with a South American flavour. This 86 year old diva is outperforming the rest with her slick salsa moves. It truly goes to show that fun is always part of your life.

Finally, save the best for last. You want moves, you want style and vision, well here you have it. House music, Sunglasses, a fast Sports car and a slick pair of trainers. If I’m doing this by the time I turn 50 I’ll be happy.