The Blarney Street Pram Race

Do you remember the Blarney Street Pram Race? Probably the maddest but greatest Charity Fundraiser in the Northside of Cork City. A community race on the longest street in Ireland.

Blarney Street Pram Prix
People gathering for the Blarney Street Pram Race, Cork City. 1998-2002

The Blarney Street Pram Race was a fundraising event themed as a race. Adults would dress as babies, men as mothers and women as fathers. They would team up and push a pram down Blarney Street. You may think that this is pretty off the wall as far as fundraising events go, but it worked. It was an annual event that took place between 1998 and 2002. A highly populated event on Blarney Street, Ireland’s longest street. but due to high insurance demands, and the responsibility of blocking Blarney Street for a few hours took its toll on the event. However, it’s amazing to see a video record of the event.

The race begins with the Throwing of the Boot and then the race itself. The catch with the race is that you have to stop in one of the featured pubs along the way to have a pint. Overall, from my notes, there were 9 pubs over a mile and a half distance. That made for serious entertainment. Check out the video footage below.


The race footage is by James Murray and George Connor. They captured the day beautifully and I can see a few familiar faces and pubs. The video was then editied by Keith O Shea. Sponsors for the event were Beamish & Crawford with Gurranabraher Garda Station providing a helping hand for the event. Support was also given by the Cork Fire Service, and the Goldwing Club of Ireland.

Blarney Street Pram Race Last Part
The last bit of running today before the race finishes.

Will we see such an event again? I don’t know, but it’s just wonderful to see a community coming together for raise funds for a much needed charity. Thanks to Davic Doc O’Connor for posting this on facebook. The DVD is still on sale at The Residence Bar on Blarney Street, and all proceeds from the sale of the DVD go to the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind charity.