Drone Flights Over Cork City

Aerial Photograph of Knocknaheeny Water Tower Cork City Photo © Paddy O Shea

Drone Above Cork City In Video

You can’t get a better video of Cork from the ground than getting videos in the air. A whole new perspective for all of us to enjoy our city. I love the latest series of Drone Flights Over Cork City by native Corkonians and visitors. It’s awe striking when you see the Clock of Shandon up close or flying directly above St. Finbarre’s Cathedral. Just to see our City from these high angles is something to cherish. We are now in a time where we can picture our city in contrast to generations ago when people spent their lives wondering what the top of the North Cathedral looked like.

Please check out the videos below.

Raymond Fogarty’s famous video of Cork City from above.

Shandon from the air by Youtube user jfkyoootube

This video is an aerial of the Red Bull Soapbox Derby track from just a few weeks back. At the top of Patrick’s Hill. Great video by Graham Foster



Flying above Knocknaheeny Celtic’s Football Pitch looking out towards Bishopstown and Curaheen, and beyond.

I love John Dunlea’s Montage video “Ireland From The Sky”. This has shots from around County Cork.

Kilmore Road Knocknaheeny from above

And finally to one of great mystery to a lot of people following the Norries of Cork. This video is by the youtube user Flying Camera and is of Our Lady’s Hospital and St. Kevin’s Asylum. These are shots and images I have never seen, or imagined of this building. Truely an historic piece.


So that’s a round up of some great videos from around Cork by drones flying around our skies. If you want to check out more of these videos then check out the channels of the above videos. There’s a great selection for everyone to check out. You can also subscribe to the Norries of Cork on Youtube