This Drone Video of Knocknaheeny and Hollyhill is the Greatest


Drone Video of Knocknaheeny & Hollyhill

Sit back, relax, and float above the Northside with this drone video of Knocknaheeny and Hollyhill.

I thought I had seen it all being a native of Knocknaheeny and exploring the rough terrain as a child but I sit here shocked and in awe at my homeland. The user¬†KNOCKADRONER¬†has been uploading videos this past year on youtube. I’ve only just come across his videos right now and with his permission I wanted to share this video.

The journey begins in the centre of Knocknaheeny moving towards Churchfield and back towards Hollyhill. You can see all of the sites from the Water Tower – Apple Computers – Eircom – St. Vincent’s Hurling & Football club and more. An even better thing is that these videos are all in HD so there won’t be any squinting at these landmarks.

I for one witness sights I had not seen before, outside of my own imagination. The top of the Water Tower of Knocknaheeny, to be exact. To many of us these landmarks stand as monoliths of identity and it’s quite a wonder to view them in their entirety.

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I hope you enjoy this video and please be sure to check out KNOCKADRONER on facebook.

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