Have you Heard Of The Cinnamon Challenge Yet?

Probably one of the funniest challenges and collection of YouTube Videos to date. The Cinnamon Challenge will have ye in stitches.

Come here to me Norries, have ye ever heard of the Cinnamon Challenge. It was a viral sensation on the old internet quite a few years back! I was going to throw one video up on the Facebook page, but thought I’d gather a load of these hilarious Cinnamon Challenge Videos together for ye to have an auld laugh at. The Challenge was first mentioned to have started in 2001 through online forums and then increased in popularity by 2010. In 2011 there were, on average, 1000 daily mentions of the Cinnamon Challenge on Twitter with YouTube videos now in the tens of millions of views.

The Steps to Completing the Cinnamon Challenge are:

  • Get a Spoon and some Powdered Cinnamon
  • Fill the Spoon with the Powdered Cinnamon
  • Try To Swallow the Powdered Cinnamon

I’ve done this challenge and I have to say it’s torturous! Firstly, I’m not a fan of cinnamon. It’s manky in my mind and I’m more prone to have a plain bun at Christmas than a Cinnamon filled yoke. The sensation of having so much powder in your mouth is as if you are smothering. You have to spit it out and it comes out in a massive cloud of Orange. The words and sounds to come form your mouth afterwards is where the comedy begins. For some people, there’s nothing better than watching someone torture themselves with this challenge. Here’s one of the funniest examples I’ve seen so far. This is Glozzell Green, a YouTube personality making one of the best attempts at the Cinnamon Challenge.

You’ll seriously be busting your hole at the next lad with the Cinnamon Challenge. This is Reaction Response King making an attempt at the challenge.

Just wait for the reaction in this Cinnamon Challenge Video

So there ye have it Norries of Cork. This is the Cinnamon Challenge. I’m not expecting any videos from yerselves because stuffing your mouth with powder, of any kind, will not be healthy for yourselves. Be sound now and show your friends by click on the old SHARE buttons below.