Cork’s Echo Boy Michael O’Regan

The Echo Boys of Cork have had many faces but none as familiar as this Cork Echo Boy Michael O’Regan.

There’s nothing as nostalgic as walking through Patrick’s Street towards the GPO on Oliver Plunkett Street and listening to the calls of the Echo Boys all around the city. This stretch of road was quite popular for many as it was the busiest thoroughfare of commuters and consumers. The shouts of “ECHO, ECHO” on a daily basis would let you know that town was busy. Moreso on a Saturday when at 12pm the Evening Echo would be ready to purchase, 11:30 am if you knew someone on the inside or were hanging around the local shop. The Cork Echo Boy Michael O’Regan would be recognisable with his long coat, his hats and the collection of papers he would carry at his side.

Michael O’Regan has been selling newspapers (Echos) on the streets of Cork for many decades. His bellowing voice would boom along the promenade of shops from Brown Thomas to the entrance of Merchant’s Quay. Though he may be located further up Patrick Street now, for more than 40 years he based his pitch lower on the street.

Cork Echo Boy Michael O Regan
Michael O’Regan – One Of Cork’s Longest Running Echo Boys

Having turned on the City’s Christmas lights to meeting many celebrities from the world over, Michael has captured the hearts of every Corkonian. He is the symbol of hard work and dedication. A person that works their daily hours putting food on the table whether it’s rain, wind, hail or shine. We’ve witnessed the Echo Boy in all stages of weather and in all seasons.

This video is a brief interview from 2008 with Michael, just before he made his move upwards on Patrick Street. I enjoy the conversation, as many a person will pass the legend without knowing his many tales.

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