Niall Tóibín Discussing the Regional Accents of Ireland

Niall Tóibín, an historic Irish Comedian and Actor hailing from our fine city of Cork, has entertained audiences the world over. The strongest facet of his performance was his precise knowledge of the everyday Irish citizen. Tóibín had an ability, like so few of his time to conjure a tale and perform it colloquially en masse. This ability to mimic his own past experiences of life and his observational wit beckoned a strong following in his career, moreso beyond the realms of his native Cork.

In this highly amusing video, Tóibín discusses the Regional accents of Ireland and how they digress from one another. A man of many accents and expressions I found myself in stitches at parts as it reminded me of my own old travels along this emerald Isle. Ireland has a diverse array of scenery changing with every hill and road, and the dialects and accents follow this natural path of change nationwide. The same can be said for the Northside. A Mayfield accent will differ from the North Westerly tones of the Knocknaheeny accent.

This performance is from the Late Late Show.



Tobín in my mind is a comedic folklorist with strong roots to his family tradition of story telling and appreciation for the Irish Language. His performances drew on the expressions of people in his past and the characters of Cork City. I hope you appreciate this very funny video of Niall Tóibín. There will be many more shared on the Norries Of Cork.