Northside Nanna’s Hilarious Ice Bucket Challenge

WARNING: You may do your “poodies” while watching this video. The  next two minutes will be sheer entertainment.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? The Charitable effort of millions throughout the world that filled a bucket with ice and water and then threw the contents over themselves? Well meet Nanna, she’s taking part in the Urban Fitness Ice Bucket Challenge. Tough as nails she climbs valiantly into a large plastic container filled with water and ice. She then has the Ice Bucket of water thrown over her. Her reaction is what makes this video, and the banter that emerges from everyone is just a reminder of the fun and jokes in the Northside of Cork City. Remember the old phrase “I’m about to do me poodies?”. Get ready!

You have to give it to her, she put on a strong performance. And given the fact that the video is on 4,000 shares and counting, it’s been getting the attention it deserves. To check out the video and the Urban Fitness Facebook Page then click – HERE – 

You obviously cannot have a funny Ice Bucket Challenge video without showing a few of these classics.

Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails Compilation by FailArmy

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Ireland by Teresina Bell

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