Old Photos of Cork Past and Present - The Norries Of Cork
Old Photos of Cork Past and Present - The Norries Of Cork

Old Photos Of Cork: Cork Then & Now

One Man Matched Old Photos of Cork with their current locations.

So you are a massive fan of old photos of Cork, just like myself, then you will be intrigued by this video uploaded by YouTube user Bent Billiard. Historical Cork – Past and Present is the project of Bent Billiard to match old photos of Cork to their current locations. The video begins in our beloved Northside, at the Cork Butter Museum, just across from the Firkin Crane Theatre in the Shandon district of the Northside of Cork. Now, not much has changed throughout the century with the exception of extra houses and a new road surface and the environs itself is intact.

We are then brought to different locations in the City Centre mainly around Patrick Street. But I won’t give away the locations in this post as the video is just below.  However, I think that this is an amazing project which sheds a light as to how the city has developed in the 20th century. You have probably seen these old photos of Cork through your social media or online but to see them in a video matched with their current location is quite jawdropping. To think of how many pairs of bare feet and shoes walked along the cobbles of Shandon or the years that Patrick Street was filled with horses and carts rather than double-decker buses , high-street outlets and taxis. This is a first part of the video and the second part will be posted on the Norries of Cork shortly.

Check out the channel of Bent Billiard as he has many more great videos from around Cork looking at old buildings and historical sites. I’m a big fan of his videos I have to say.