These Old Photos Of Cork On Instagram will leave you Gobsmacked

I have an addiction for Old Photos of Cork City, moreso that when I edit my own Current Photos of Cork, I always try to add that vintage style to each image. An old photo style that makes the image look like it was shot on bad and out of date film. I just love the old Photo Style. I’m only new to the world of Instagram. You can see clearly by a lot of the photographs I publish through the Norries of Cork, they are mainly uploaded directly to our Facebook page (which you should follow). I’ve slowly become more accustomed to how much I have been missing by not using this app. Other than posting photographs from around the Homeland, it’s great to actually have a dedicated outlet for one to see old Photos of Cork on Instagram. As much as I love Facebook, it’s become way too cluttered to actually find good photographs and videos of our native city. So ‘lo and behold’ I find the Old Photos Of Cork Page. A spectacle of some beautiful moments in our city’s History.


 The Old Photos of Cork operates on facebook also, but I find it a whole lot easier to post Instagram images than Facebook images, especially as they’re a group and privacy settings for images and posts are set to Group Members only.  Check out their group page here and please enjoy the images attached below.

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