The Ghost Piano Player of Cork City

Busking in Cork City as the World Walks by.

This video taken by Julie O’Donnell is a hauntingly beautiful performance by one of many of Cork City’s Independent Buskers. I do not have a name for this talented musician so I have called him the Ghost Piano  Player of Cork City. His music catches you and is quite ethereal, especially when you see he is playing an actual piano.

To see such talent with people walking by is such a shame but it just shows how much the streets of Cork have to offer if we were to stop and take a moment.

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I do not have a name for the Cork Piano Player but he hails from the UK. With just four years of piano lessons from when he was a child, the rest is self taught and his journey is evident in how he plays. This performance was filmed on Paul Street just behind Waterstones. It makes you wonder how long and how far does he have to push that piano within Cork!

I hope our talented friend is still playing on the streets of Cork, and that some of you may stop to chat with him like Julie has done. I know I will the next time we meet.

Such a beautiful video. Please share with your friends.

Northside Abú