This is the Top 5 Fountain Moments On Grand Parade

A run down over the top five videos of people celebrating around the Berwick Fountain on Grand Parade in Cork City.

Something that hasn’t been captured as a collection of fountain has to be the point of celebration at the Berwick Fountain on Grand Parade. Whether people are celebrating a Sporting win or engaging in public performances, there’s always some form of celebratory banter taking place at this spot. We’re more inclined to show the night time celebratory efforts of Corkonians.  Number 4 has to be the one that no one can outdo so be sure to check it out below. These are the Fountain Moments on Grand Parade.

1 Three Lads in Underpants Climb The Fountain

These boys are caught rotten.

2 Two Lads and the Unimpressed Garda

The arms are crossed. You know you’re in deep trouble.

3 The Midnight Aquatic Plunge

For those not too inclined to climb. There’s the option of going for a dip. The commentary on this clip is pretty impressive.

4 The One You’ve Been Waiting For…

It’s Christmas. The stage is Set. Grand Parade is Packed, and cameras are Everywhere. This feen makes his move.

A music video with multiple shots, all seemingly taken from heroic angles. He climbs Grand Parade Fountain, lights are surrounding him. People swarm as do members of the Gardai. The results of his actions, I don’t know but you can guess he didn’t walk away from this.

And another close up angle

5 The Legendary Fall of Niall from the Fountain

The final clip is pretty much a statement as to why you should not climb the fountain.**WARNING** Niall Gets Hurt!!! So if you don’t like things like that then please don’t watch.

So there you have it. A collection of dramatic celebratory videos from Grand Parade.




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