Tyrone Farmer’s Epically Funny Reaction To A Camera For The First Time

Tyrone Farmer Willy gets to see a video camera in action for the first time.

The response is hilarious and interesting, check out the quotes below the video link for those that don’t understand Tyronese!

So there we have it, an almost lost civilisation within the County of Tyrone has witnessed modern technology for the first time. This Tyrone Farmer, from Limehill in Pomeroy witnesses the amazing feats of Video Technology. Standing with his friend in, you guessed it, a field, Willy is amazed and shocked at to how something so simple to us today was so profound in days of Video Tapes and Coins in your telly-box.

His reaction to the ability to view from a distance gives a great insight into the culture of the Tyrone Farmer, “There’s the Church, there’s people and all. Hoi! Playing boy!” This is followed by their local dialect of the phrase “Who’d believe that? Fuck me that’s Terror Boy!” Which means “Isn’t That An Amazing Device?

The best quote of this video has to be “It’s a great job that, boy! Ah it’s deadly beejaysus! Ah that’s deadly boy. There’s your wan’s house in all there beside it. Fuck me that’s terror boy!

It just goes to show, you should never take that little piece of technology in your pocket or on your desk for granted because someone, somewhere in a County far far away such as Tyrone, may believe you’re from the future, or another planet. Amazing stuff indeed. Here’s to you Willy and the fine Farming folk of Tyrone.

Original Source by Aidan Molloy on Youtube