Welcome To Cork City

I’ve been meaning to post this video as a post for some time as a welcome to Cork post for those searching through google. I remember when I first made this video it was with the intention to share the architectural symbolism we have in Cork City. Furthermore, I’m an avid photographer and I’ve amassed quite the collection of photographs from each step along the infirmary steps to random stone blocks in the structure of Shandon Bells. If you’ve been following the Norries of Cork on facebook for while then you’ll know the many kinds of photographs and videos that are shared. If not, then go on and like the page. It’s great craic!

Another point is the song in this video. “The Banks of My Own Lovely Lee” – composed by Seán Ó’Ríada and then performed by Cork singing legend, Seán Ó’Sé. Seán was the principal of my primary school when I was a young sprog, so I wanted a personal connection in this video and as many people have commented in the past, we all find a connection to some photograph somewhere. And Seán was a local legend in the community as school principal. I know that a lot of readers will have this experience of going to school in Knocknaheeny.

This Welcome to Cork City video does need to be updated and I will be working on another video again in the coming weeks with some new landmarks and better photography of some of the older shots. A big part of the Norries of Cork is to capture our local heritage and share it digitally. So I hope you enjoy this version and be sure to share it with someone missing Cork.